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Your images

We met today at the Boilerhouse Gallery in Corfe Castle. What stunning images...I'm so glad I looked you up on line. You are truly gifted photographers...producing work that is dramatic, sensitive and intimate. Your use of light and shade and your composition are sublime.
Charlie Money

WGC Photo Club - Talk on 'Arctic'

Maggie and Ron, just to say how nice it was to meet you last night and to say how much I enjoyed your talk - your enthusiasm for travel was obvious and the knowledge you shared with each photograph captivated the attention of everyone member in the audience .
Your website is so easy to navigate and love your images.
June Sparham
June Sparham

Your photos

What a staggeringly prolific collection. Loved it. Derek
Derek Dewey-Leader

Your images

It was a pleasure meeting you both on Friday. Thank you for all your encouraging words. Your images are spectacular and your many successes well-deserved. I have bookmarked your site so that I may return to it for future inspiration.
Kind regards
Rachael Talibart

Roding Meadows Oak

Hello,Just to let you know my wife was delighted with your print .I had it framed at the Art Shop and I gave it to her on her birthday earlier this month.By far the most successful present for many a year and earned me 3 Brownie Points Many thanks Colin
Colin Hornett


Hi Ron its Arron from work, just wanted to let ya know i checked out your website and some of these photos are brilliant! Black and whites are my favourite. Very good mate have a nice weekend :)

Thank you for your comments

Thank you for scoring my picture of my daughter Tilly a 10 at the GNPC club last night.
My aim is through photography to increase awareness of Downs syndrome and Autism
I also photograph a lot of disabled kids and teens.

It was great meeting some one that understands how much harder it is to bring up a child like Tilly, no instruction manual came with her. yet for all the hard bad moments there are good ones.
I do dread her growing up in such a cruel world

Once gain many thanks as i was doubting myself as a photographer, I wish you and your family a happy Christmas and a great new year
Andrea Abbott
Andrea Abbott


Hi Ron,
Good to chat today - I love your snow monkey shots! Nice work elsewhere too! Well done.
Chris Palmer

Artistic pictures!!

Hello from Tokyo! This is Tomoko, your guide in Tokyo. Thank you very much for your letter. It was big surprise and joy to me. Also, thank you for telling about your last day in Tokyo because I was worring it.
Then, congratulations for amazing photographs!! It's a kind of shock to me. With your photos, Shinkansen is beautiful, a crowd tells message, Torii-gates are telling a secret of the past and even a monky is a philosopher. Besides Japan, I enjoy photos such as locomotive, animal... They are magical...I will keep watching the cite to see the world through your eyes. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and I am hoping your safe trips and adventures.
Tomoko Furukawa

Monkey pics

Hey up, just checked out ur monkey pics, got one word to say FANTASTICO!. Loved 'em. Still love me wolves more mind.x P.S. This is a nice message, please do not put my name on any wall or in any phone box!!!!!!!!!

Monkey Photos

Hi Ron and Mags, sitting here showing Kev and Alf your monkey photos, they love them.
Very clever, Alfies favourites are the elephants, always have been, but now he wants to go on safari!
Teresa Watts

Dinner in France


Excellent website! I made it to Bordeaux, a little faster than expected. Great to meet you over dinner!

John the Ageing Cyclist
John Amiry

Nice to meet you

Hi Ron And Maggie.
It was lovely to meet you at the carnivore evening at Colchester zoo. Someone pleasant to talk to as well as knowledgeable.
Had a brief look at your site and all i can say is WOW!
Lots of stunning images, especially enjoyed the Africa ones.
Andy & Julie
Andy Collins

You site

Ron & Maggie,

I am an amateur photographer in the States, and came across you site while surfing the internet. I have to tell you that my wife and I were extremely impressed with your work. You two have captured some absolutely beautiful and inspiring shots. Keep up the great work !
Ron & Corlis Teare (USA- of Manx Decent)

Wonderful and inspiring photos!

Dear Maggie and Ron,
I looked at your website and was bowled over by the beauty of your photography - you are both amazingly talented people! Such wonderful images and such interesting compositions and ideas. Some of the photos are so artistic that they look like paintings. (I hope you take that as a compliment!)
It was lovely to meet you both, and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in Glastonbury, and had a trouble-free journey home. It was such a beautiful day yesterday that we decided to do a circular walk up and down the ridges surrounding Cadbury Castle (the remains of an ancient hill fort, thought by some to be the real Camelot.) The views were fantastic and, because of our conversations about photography, I couldn?t help looking at the landscape in a new and different way, in terms of angles and aspects that would make a good photograph. So you?ve definitely been an inspiration to me!
I hope you have a wonderful time in Iceland, and I look forward to seeing your photos from there.
With every good wish for a happy New Year,
julia knight

Great Talk

I really enjoyed the Big Print Show at Benfleet Camera Club last night, excellent photographs and interesting stories.

Thank you for sharing your stories and photos with us, they have definitely inspired me.



Hi Ron,

So glad I finally visited the sight! A good hour was spent browsing and wanting to see more of the world. Next you will have to visit Canada. My favourites are the Venetian carnival pictures...I want all of them!
Sarah Eddy

Excellent website

Be filled with wonderful photos;
Be touched by Ron & Maggie;
Believe in the miracle of photography.


Hi Ron!

I finally had a look at the website!
The photos are inspired and fantastic.You truly are an artist!! Let me know when you put new photos on the website.

Lindsay Humphreys

fab photos

great site, lovely photos, need one with male in thong and cowboy boots to finish off!!!!!!! and a black and white wolf of course. well done a site to be proud of. nedd to know price on summer colour ( poppy picture)

Beautiful photos

I am now home in Finland and I thought I visit your webside to take a look at your photos. You have some very beautiful photos, and I liked the ones from Finland as well. take care of you,

Best regards Maria, waitress from Les Houches


I attended Maggie's presentation to the Hemel Hempstead PS yesterday evening and really enjoyed it, so I thought I'd look at your website. What a treat. I particularly enjoyed the wildlife work and the 'Articles about us' (minor comment - it isn't always clear to whom the entries relate).
Thanks for the stimulation to get out and improve my own work.
Dennis Barlow
Dennis Barlow

Exhibition at Loughton Library

Dear Ron, I visited Loughton Library today, for the first time in sveral months, as I mostly use my nearer Woodford Library. Am I glad I did! otherwise I would have missed the marvellous exhibition of your work. As a sometime dabbler in the days of Black and White 35mm, I found your exhibition
absolutely breathtaking. I use the word purposefully, in these days of overhyped expressions about almost everything. Viewing your work was a great thanks

Edward Tilbury
Edward Tilbury


Me again. I have have looked again at length of the portrait of you mother, and find it beautiful. The lovely serenity in her smile is a joy

Edward Tilbury
Edward Tilbury

your site

nice one, some lovely landscapes on my first glance upon seeing your notice in postal notes. tiny crit Ron:- that lovely castle I visited on wednesday is spelt Dunstanburgh. Best wishes, David.
David Stout

Web site

Just had a look at your site having come across you on another site. Your site is beautiful and an inspiration to me. Keep up the great work. Regards, Paul.
Paul Grimshaw


Thanks for your comments posted on ephotozine - much appreciated (especially from such an accomplished public speaker - not to mention photographer) after a nervous week worrying about the evening. Think I know how the christians felt like, being fed to the lions by the Romans!


Tony Hepworth


Finally had a chance to view the much publicised website (well, you keep going on about it!) Glad I did. Excellent work with some interesting side links. Photos aren't bad either!
Good luck to you both,
Graham Brown

Your Site

Well done : good site : about time you shared your images with a larger audience : all the best RoyD


thanks for the opportunity to see some more of your work. Fabulous - especially the Natural World. I particularly enjoyed the bee-eater.
Ian Wiseman (Photofold)

your email to us and website

Dear Ron and Maggie.
I like your website very much indeed. Superb images--as per usual!!
Max and Joan Carter

Great To See Your Works

Hi Ron And Maggie it's Darren here it was lovely to see your work, some magnificent photos plus it's great to see maggie has been klicking away as well. It was great to finaly put a face to WYN hope she's doing well God Bless her. It's also great to see you WINNING Competions.Proud of you keep up the good work. Please can you e-mail me with some of your prices. Love and God Bless You All Daz & J xxxxxxxxxxxx
Darren & Justine

Guest Book

What a super collection of breathtaking and interesting photographs. Well done!
Debby Boocock


Ron and Maggie,
All good images and an impressive site!
Well done.
Dave Hobbs

Web Site

Hello Ron & Maggie,
Just viewed your web site, very impressed. Great Images.
Pat & Melvyn Frewin
Melvyn & Pat

Ron, Maggie and the Amazing Technicolour Photography

Dear Ron & Maggie,

It's a wonderful website with smart background & amazing photos.
Keep it up !

Best Regards
Antonio Vong & Melissa Lee
Melissa Lee


Hello Ron,

Pleased to see your website running. Looks very good and photos are stunning.

John and Linda
john everett & linda


Dear Ron and Maggie
Excellent images on a very professional site. Well done.
Paul x
Paul Major


Ron, there are some lovely images on here, images I would like to have in my portfolio. Excellent. Adam Scorey, Features editor, Photography Monthly.
Adam Scorey

Good Site

Congratulations on a first class and exciting web site
Mike Fuller