Winner of POTY,05, with Photography Monthly. Ron Tear.

About the competition, and my surprise at winning.
The competition started about the July edition of the magazine. First category in the seven monthly rounds was Woodland. I failed to get an image selected. In this competition you receive points for the first 20 places, from 100 for first place to 5 for twentieth place.The second round subject was UK Landscapes, I managed 20th position 5 points! The next rounds of Any other landscope and Black and White, I scored 70 points in each, total 145. Next round was Special effects, managed 50 points, by this time others had won and a rival was tying with me.Katya Evdokimova and I were tying on 195, with two rounds to go. Next Autumn, failed to make the selection and to my surprise so did Katya.To the wire this would run, last round Indoor winter projects, I choose an indoor nude 70 points, Katya no points, this made me the winner with 265. A prize of £2500 to spend on canon equipment, with which I chose a EOS 1V and a 15mm fish eye lens. This years competition starts this month cant wait!