Profile, Ron Tear, ARPS, MPAGB, BPE3*, PSA3*

About my photography.
I have been taking images for more than 30yr's,it is a passion, Maggie would describe it as an obssesion!. My passion stems from my love of the Natural World in all it's concepts.I have learnt how to be a photographer through belonging to photographic societys,this has fine tuned my already seeing eye.I am a latent artist, painting big cats and aviation subjects my favorite.Being a photographer takes this one step more,the excitment of witnessing a Cheetah on the savannah in Africa, the feeling of vulnerability on a ridge in the Lake District.Just some of the instances where the camera records more than an image it then has an emotion.My photography has this sentiment,the camera is the tool.Film is still my preffered medium, the image quality is for me still noticable, certainly in Medium and Large format.I do possess a Canon 20D which I use sparingly at the moment, if film is discontinued I will have a start.I currently hold all 3 PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain)qaulifications,Credit,Distinction and Master also I am a Associate of the RPS (Royal Photographic Society) having qaulified for the Licentiate prior to this.I also hold a BPE3*(British photographic Exhibitors) which for 3* requires acceptances off 100 images in exhibition. The PSA (Photographic Society of America)3* in nature, 80 images in exhibition.I am an A panel judge for the EAF,(East Anglian Federation) also lecture on a variety of subjects to all types of societys.I have exhibited on all the major continents barring South America, have held one man exhibitions and have had images printed in numerous publications.I still have plenty to accomplish if time is on my side.The world is a much smaller place,air transport see's to this,but there is a beauty in the location that we live in that photographers can show.Photography can also show what is not so good about our world, that is it's power, to show us as it really is!