Highly commended in International Wildbird Photographer of the Year. Ron Tear.

Highly commended in IWP.2003
This competition is run by Bird Watching magazine.It has up to 6,000 entries from proffesional and amateur photographers.Images from all over the world, and photographers from 32 countries (recorded in 2004).This image was taken in my back garden, living on an estate with plenty of trees Wood pigeon frequent our bird table.On this morning, after a cold clear night fog was prevelent.The sun started to break through illuminating the pine tree at the base of our garden, that in turn the cobwebs.I then noticed the wood pigeon making the composition complete.Calmly put up the tripod with a 100-400 IS lens and took as many images before the bird left.Exsposed for the highlights and the tree, pigeon in silhouette.A simple image relying on mood.